Self-Billing Agreement for UK Travel Agencies

Welcome to the CCP Self-Billing information page for UK Travel Agencies.

In January 2008, Hilton UK introduced a new service to its CCP (Centralised Commission Processing) program, which includes VAT Invoice Self-Billing functionality for the UK Travel Agency community in order to improve the payment process of individual commissions from UK hotels to UK agents (this excludes UK commissions on conference and group bookings).

The Self-Billing functionality allows Hilton UK to create a VAT invoice to its own hotels, including VAT on commissions, on behalf of Travel Agencies for payment of UK commissions. These commissions, along with non-UK commissions, will be processed centrally through the CCP program and paid to you through Dell TACS (Travel Agency Commission Settlement). in one consolidated payment from all Hilton Family hotels.

The benefits of this CCP service for the payment of UK commissions are:

  • Large efficiency gain with regards to invoicing and billing accuracy; agents who sign a Self-Billing Agreement will not need to invoice Hilton UK hotels for commissions as the signature date of the agreement
  • Automatic commission processing for ALL transactions upon check-out and payments made on a weekly basis, therefore improving cash flow
  • Consolidation of payments from all Hilton Family hotels, with one statement for all commission payments and one invoice for all UK commission payments
  • Consolidation of payments for multiple agency location and IATA / TIDS numbers
  • Online tracking of all commission status and payment details, plus online reporting for all individual bookings within the Hilton Family hotels
  • Online inquiry management, with all inquiries guaranteed to be answered within two weeks, or otherwise paid
  • Profile accuracy through central management, which eliminates the risk of incorrect addresses to be used for payment

In summary, this service offers: invoice creation based on check-out records, one payment, one statement and one point of contact for your UK commissions.

In order to benefit from this service, UK Travel Agencies will need to complete a Self-Billing Agreement online via Dell - TACS at This is a 12-month agreement running from January 1 to December 31 of each calendar year, renewable annually online.

Without a Self-Billing Agreement, agents will need to continue to provide a VAT Invoice to Hilton UK hotels in order to be paid commission.

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