Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Centralised Domestic Commissions - Scope

Hilton's objective is to provide travels agencies worldwide with one payment, one statement and one point of contact for all Hilton hotels.

1. How are domestic commissions processed for the UK?

Transient commissions to UK agents from domestic hotels are processed centrally, alongside those from international hotels.

2. What about commissions for groups, meetings and C&E bookings?

Commissions for groups, meetings and C&E bookings continue to be paid by hotels or the regional offices as they currently are. Due to the individual nature of such bookings, these will remain outside of centralised commission processing.

3. What about conferences that have rooms attached?

All conference bookings, including rooms, will continue to be paid commissions outside of the centralised commission process.

4. Can I opt out of having my commissions processed centrally?

No, all individual commissions will be processed centrally. In order to ensure that all commission records are processed and recorded in one location, Hilton will not run multiple payment processes for individual commissions.

5. What are the benefits to agents of consolidating domestic and international payments?

Domestic individual commissions are eligible for the same benefits as international commissions, including weekly, electronic payments consolidated across all brands and across an agency's nominated group of IATA numbers. Additionally, agents have access to a 24x7 automated helpdesk, online payment tracking, and extensive online reporting for these commissions.

Furthermore, agents can log all enquiries with (+1-703-480-6916), and as more commissions are processed centrally, related enquiries will usually be able to be answered immediately, without having to go to the hotels for additional information.

Finally, in the UK, agencies will be able to shift the responsibility of billing hotels to Hilton's outsourced commission consolidator by signing Hilton's Self-Billing Agreement.

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Commission Percentages and Fees

6. What are Hilton’s commission levels by country?

UK commissions are 8% of VAT-inclusive revenue; in certain other countries worldwide this may be 10% of net revenue (ie excluding VAT), in order to reflect local practice and the absence of VAT.

7. What does Hilton charge for commission processing?

All commissions paid centrally are subject to a 3% customer service fee of the total commission payment to help offset the costs of consolidating checkout records, processing international payments, preparing agency statements and VAT invoices, and running the global enquiry process. For example, on a £100 room rate, 8% commission rate and £8.00 commission, the customer service fee will be 24 pence.

8. Are there any foreign exchange charges?

Domestic transactions are not subject to foreign exchange charges. International transactions are converted into the agency currency at the best available Citibank rate, which is better than that available to the public, with no additional mark-up.

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Self Billing

9. What is Self-Billing?

This allows agents to choose to have Hilton create, on the agent's behalf, a VAT invoice for commission due, based on Hilton’s checkout records.

10. What are the benefits of Self-Billing?

This eliminates the billing process for agents, and improves the accuracy of VAT invoices for transient bookings, as Hilton's self-billed VAT invoices will account for no-shows, cancellations and non-commissionable bookings.

11. Where is Self-Billing allowed?

Self-Billing functionality is enabled in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Hilton will add Self-Billing functionality in other jurisdictions as the tax rules allow, enabling relevant agents to eliminate the process for invoicing domestic hotels.

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UK Self-Billing and the Self-Billing Agreement ("SBA")

12. Do I have to sign an SBA?

No, agents may choose to not sign an SBA, in which case you must continue to invoice the hotels directly in order to be paid your commissions.

13. What if I don't sign an SBA?

Domestic commissions will not be automatically paid to you. In order to be paid your domestic commissions, you will need to continue to send invoices directly to domestic hotels directly or to the regional accounting team as currently done. Domestic commissions will be processed centrally, alongside commissions from international hotels, but they will not be released until Hilton receives your invoice.

14. How long is the term of the SBA?

The SBA is valid for the whole calendar year, or for the remainder of it through the end of the calendar year, if it is signed after January 1st.

15. What if I don't sign an SBA until after January 1st?

All commissions due for checkouts up to the date of signature of the agreement will remain on hold until the hotels receive your invoice; all commissions due after that date will be automatically paid.

16. How do I sign up for Self-Billing?

UK Agencies, who want Hilton to create VAT invoices on their behalf, should visit for information and visit to register online via Dell - TACS.

17. How do I renew the SBA?

Hilton will contact the agency contact in the fourth quarter of each calendar year in order to confirm agreement to continue with the Self-Billing Agreement. Registration is online via Dell - TACS.

18. How do I cancel the SBA?

Agents may cancel the agreement at any time by advising Hilton at At such time, Hilton will cease to automatically pay the agent's commissions, and the agency will need to resume invoicing the hotels in order to receive payment.

19. What is the tax point of the self-billing invoice?

The tax point of the self-billing invoice is the invoice date, in line with HMRC guidelines. The following statement is featured at the bottom of each self-billing invoice: “Tax Point is the Date of Invoice.

20. What if I'm not VAT registered?

Agents who are not VAT registered must continue to invoice domestic hotels for commissions net of VAT, as currently done. Such agents may not sign up for self-billing agreements, as these require a VAT registration number.

21. Why do I need to have a TIDS/IATA number?

In order to comply with US regulations, Hilton needs to ensure that payments are only made to bona fide sales intermediaries, as evident from their registration and accreditation with an industry association such as IATA. This also provides the mandatory unique reference number for each agent, which is required for consolidating payments across hotels, and for mapping to VAT ID numbers for local payments. As an industry standard, TIDS/IATA is a common identifier for any system requiring electronic recognition, for example, electronic distribution systems.

22. Does Self-Billing apply to the Republic of Ireland?

UK Self-Billing only applies to commissions between UK hotels and UK agents. Agents in the Republic of Ireland will continue to be paid as normal, without the need for VAT Invoices.

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Next Steps

23. What do I need to do next?

To make the billing process easiest for you, you should

  • Sign the Hilton SBA online via Dell- TACS at , so you can stop invoicing Hilton hotels, and
  • Register your payment, consolidation and reporting preferences with (phone +1-703-480-6916), if you have not already done so.

24. What if I have further questions?

Please direct any questions to or to your Hilton sales representative.

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